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Ed Helms took part in this tribute video to YouTuber Zach Sobiech. Watch it below!

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Four years ago, Bradley Cooper had built a solid reputation as a scene-stealing supporting player. Ed Helms was best known for his sweet but buffoonish Andy on The Office. And few, besides comedy-club bookers and his own family members, could wrap their mouths around the last name of Zach Galifianakis.

Then came The Hangover, which would go on to become the highest-grossing R-rated comedy in North American box-office history. A 2011 sequel would take in more than half-a-billion dollars worldwide. And next week comes the third and allegedly the last of the trilogy of films about friends on road trips gone extremely awry.

Folks still have trouble pronouncing Galifianakis but the careers – and lives – of all three co-stars have been changed forever by the series.

“I never would have gotten Hangover II if it wasn’t for Hangover I,” joked Helms in a recent joint interview with his cast mates.

‘”The effect it’s had on my life, from a career standpoint, it just is off the charts. I’ve gotten to do some really great, cool, fun stuff that I never would have been able to do,” Helms said.

Those include two well-reviewed 2011 low-budget comedies, Cedar Rapidsand Jeff Who Lives at Home.

Before Hangover, Galifianakis was somebody – making a living as a stand-up comic, whose credits included his own Comedy Central Presents special. But that success was nothing compared to what would come. “Well, you know, financially,” Galifianakis said, winding up for a Mother’s Day joke. “It (was) really great to be able to pay to get her a salt-and-pepper shaker set.”

Asked Cooper: “Set?”

Helms: “Salt AND pepper?”


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Bradley Cooper may have both titles of Sexiest Man Alive and Oscar nominee, but neither accolade has evoked any diva-like behavior.

The handsome Silver Linings Playbook actor sat down with Hangover Part 3 costars Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis at the Las Vegas junket for the upcoming comedy, where E! News couldn’t help but question whether Bradley’s ‘tude has changed since the very firstHangover flick.

“We can’t say or that giant guy off-camera will beat us up,” Ed Helms confesses as Cooper quietly laughs.

“We’re afraid to talk,”Galifianakis dead-pans.

Eventually, Helms provides an honest response, praising his costar for his down-to-Earth demeanor.

“Honestly, it’s really annoying how little Bradley has changed,” he says. “You really should be more of a diva,” he tells his pal. “You can pull it off now! You have an Oscar nomination, come on.”

And suddenly, Cooper just became that much sexier.

Watch video here!

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In our continuing coverage from the set of “The Hangover Part III”, we speak to Ed Helms, who plays Stuart Price in the “epic” trilogy.

For my mic, can you say your name?
My name is Edward Parker Helms. I play Stuart Price, the dentist character, member of the Wolf Pack… and I wear a size nine-and-a-half shoe.

Nice! Okay, so tell us what is happening with Stu. Because he, I think, is the luckiest guy in the movie. In the first one he got the stripper, in the second one, he got married again–
The luckiest? God, you must have been watching Cedar Rapids or something. What’s happening with Stu… Well, I think Stu’s been kind of a punching bag the last couple of movies, but he did marry a beautiful woman at the end of the second one. And what’s sort of fun about this time around is that Stu, he’s now married to a woman who is much cooler and sexier than he is, and she’s sort of made him a little cooler. So we start with Stu being just a little– He dresses a little sharper, he’s got a little bit better fashion sense, maybe a little more confidence than he’s had before. And that’s fun, because it’s a slightly unfamiliar place for the audience to kind of start up with Stu. But then good old neurotic Stu comes roaring back pretty early on.

Obviously with what you guys had gone through in the first two, what’s the biggest challenge in approaching what you guys are doing?
Probably like, what else could we possibly go through? Do you know? Like just how do you… From an imagination standpoint, what do we come up with that’s remarkably different and exciting and stimulating for our fans and for the audience? I think that was a big challenge going in. And the solution to that was a really nice departure from our formula for One and Two, and getting into something that’s kind of darkly grounded. There’s a joy in the first two, because we’re finding out how much fun we had the night before. Even though we caused all this havoc, we’re still sort of finding out happy things that happened the night before. This movie has less of that kind of happiness, and a sort of– Let’s not say– It’s still extremely funny, but it has a little bit of a darker energy to it, which is kind of a fun change of pace, a little bit of a shift.


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The Hangover star Ed Helms had to convince his co-stars on The Office he wasn’t drunk while he was making the movie because he spoke with a slight slur.

The actor removed an implanted tooth when he learned his character in the hit comedy film would have dental issues and he had no idea the procedure would affect his speech.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, “(My dentist) made me a flipper with the false tooth on it that I could take in and out because I was still shooting on The Office.

“I never told (anyone) because they would lose their minds. So I would show up for work (on The Office) with this appliance in my mouth, and it really affected my speech. If you watch those episodes, I sound drunk.”


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Funnyman Ed Helms was exhausted while filming the first movie in The Hangover trilogy because he didn’t sleep for days at a time as he tried to balance filming the movie in Las Vegas with his commitments on Tv show The Office in Los Angeles.

The actor was given permission to film The Hangover around his Tv schedule as long as he showed up for work on time and covered his transportation costs.

Helms tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I had to agree to charter my own flights, these little tiny jets, which I paid for. I’d go from Las Vegas to Van Nuys Airport at four in the morning because we were doing shoots all night, then I’d land in Van Nuys, drive to the set and shoot all day on The Office, completely Red Bull-ed (energy drink) out of my brain.”

His dedication paid off and The Hangover was a break-out hit when it was released in 2009. Helms stars in the third installment of the franchise, which will hit cinemas this summer (13), after the finale of The Office airs in America.


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