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Esquire’s Interview with Ed Helms
Filed under: News Posted by Lauren on March 18, 2012

SCOTT RAAB: I just saw Jeff, Who Lives at Home this morning. It was a very symphonic movie.

ED HELMS: That’s a nice word. It’s not the funniest movie I’ve ever done.

SR: It’s pretty funny.

EH: It has a more complex goal than just getting laughs, and yet it was one of the most fun productions I’ve ever been on. Partly because Jason Segel’s such a world-champion good guy, and we were in New Orleans, which is home turf for the Duplass brothers [directors Mark and Jay]. And it was a new process for me, because the Duplass brothers want you to improvise — not just comedy, but everything. [Looks at recording device.] That looks like a Taser.

SR: The New York City police commissioner said the same thing. A lot of stand-ups use it to record their acts.

EH: It was a big deal when I got a minidisc recorder when I was doing stand-up. This was in my 20s.

SR: You’re about 57, 58 now?

EH: Thanks. Yeah, I’m 38. Everybody thinks I’m 50.

SR: You’ve compared your stand-up style to Bill Cosby’s.

EH: I told personal stories the way Cosby would spin a yarn for ten minutes. My monologue on Saturday Night Live last year was a condensed version of one of those long tales. I think in hindsight it works better as a long story than as a condensed monologue.


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