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MovieFone Interviews Ed Helms
Filed under: Films, News Posted by Lauren on March 15, 2012

Ed Helms may not have seen the movie “Signs,” or really buy into the metaphysical journey his onscreen brother takes in “Jeff, Who Lives at Home,” but “The Office” star does have some very cogent thoughts on how one little green guy could solve all our problems. Seizing on a brief bit of dialogue in his new slacker comedy, Helms riffed on “What Would Yoda Do?” as a way to fix our economy. Turns out, all we need to do is call George Lucas.

“Signs” is sort of the backbone for “Jeff.” Have you ever seen it?
No. (Shakes head). I mean, I understood Jeff’s point of view, the metaphysical goal and his hopes and dreams for the world

What’s your viewpoint on whether the universe is giving you signs on a daily basis?
I am not a believer in signs. If some crazy sign were to happen to me, I would certainly be open minded. I’ve yet to be convinced is anything other than just abject chaos.

Do you have a brother?
I do. I have an older brother and a sister who’s the oldest.

I’m guessing your relationships are nothing like this movie.
Any family has a certain amount of dysfunction, misunderstanding, frustration. But I’m very lucky to have siblings that appreciate the value of family and we’re pretty tight. We still have our hiccups, but it’s pretty great. I think that the family in this movie has some really tough struggles and they’ve let their relationships get a little warped. The nice thing is that it’s not too far gone. They’re able to make these relationships whole through the events of this crazy day. There’s a redemption there.


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