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Breezy Mama’s Interview with Ed Helms and Rob Riggle
Filed under: Films, News Posted by Lauren on March 04, 2012

Is it just me or are Thin Mints and whatever those chocolate peanut butter ones are called on YOUR mind, too, right now? When interviewing Ed Helms and Rob Riggle to discuss their roles in The Lorax as the Once-ler and the uber bad Mr. O’Hare respectively, the mere mention of “Brownie Troop” and I had to ask about THE cookies. In fact, though I was with a group of amazing “mom bloggers” (and a dad, too!), if you have read enough of my Breezy Mama celebrity interviews, you are likely aware that it was me who asked about the cookies, if they’ve ever lost it (as, in, couldn’t stop laughing) while working together, why Ed Helms is always busting out in song (a personal habit of mine) and, I just couldn’t resist, but had to know if they are aware of my new obsession, troll foot. Get the hilarious scoop from the two long time comedians on their roles in the movie based on the Dr. Seuss classic that opens on March 2 (tomorrow!!!) and more.

Can you start by telling us about your history with the book The Lorax? Do you remember it when you were young?

Ed Helms: Dr. Seuss had a really prominent sort of section on my childhood bookshelf, which is one of those decisions that your parents had to make. But, we, my brother and sister and I all just were totally enthralled with Dr. Seuss. And The Lorax in particular, for some reason — loved this book.

And I didn’t even wait for a phone call about this movie. I hunted down Chris Melandandri [Producer] when I heard that they were making The Lorax and said, “I really want to be in this movie, I’ll take any part. I’ll just be a barbaloot or whatever, and I just want to be a part of it.” And I’m thrilled how it’s turned out.


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